The Impact of Natural Light on Your Home and How Blinds and Shutters Can Control It

Learn how blinds and shutters make the ideal sustainable solutions.

Natural light is beneficial to every home. It has a positive impact on the well-being of the occupants of the house. For example, exposure to natural light triggers Vitamin D production, reduces eye strain, aids white blood cell development, and helps regulate blood pressure.

Natural light likewise helps conserve energy, reducing energy consumption. It also makes rooms look larger and spacious and enhances interior aesthetics.

In addition, natural sunlight helps prevent the growth of moulds and fungi, keeping the home healthy and smelling clean.

However, even though natural light is beneficial, the need to control how much to let in is essential. In some rooms, such as the bedroom, blocking natural light is necessary. A more muted light coming through the windows is also often preferred during downtime.

Controlling the amount of natural light coming in can help set the mood that the homeowner wishes to achieve. Window treatments, such as blinds and shutters, can provide such control.

Why Control Natural Light Coming In And How Can Shutters And Blinds Help

Why control natural light coming in and how can shutters and blinds help?

Here are some reasons why there is a need to control how much light goes through the window.

To regulate the indoor temperature.

When the temperature is hot, reducing the amount of heat coming in can be done by closing the slats of shutters and blinds. Meanwhile, on colder days and mornings, opening the shutters and blinds can let the sun’s warmth inside, heating the house naturally.

Whether the household prefers the full morning sun to warm up the house or to envelop the house in cool and relaxing darkness, blinds and shutters provide complete control. This makes them the ideal window treatments for bedrooms, home offices, home theatres, and even the living room.

To reduce the need for air conditioning.

Since both blinds and shutters aid in reducing the amount of heat coming inside, it helps lessen the household’s dependency on air conditioning. However, this does not mean that the house will not need air conditioning anymore. Still, by keeping some of the heat out, the air conditioning system will not be overworking itself to keep the interiors of the house cooler and more comfortable.

In the same way that they help keep the house warmer by letting the sunlight in, blinds and shutters can also help reduce the home’s heating needs. In maintaining a warmer interior, the heating system will not need to work as much to keep the cold out and maintain a comfortably warm house.

This, in turn, helps the household save on its energy usage and reduce its carbon footprint. Blinds and shutters assist families that want to maintain a sustainable and more eco-friendly lifestyle by controlling how much natural light they want in or out of their houses.

For privacy reasons.

Privacy is essential regardless of where the house is erected. Privacy is a basic human need, both for safety and psychological reasons.

Fortunately, completely closing the slats of blinds and shutters can be done. This makes it more difficult for people with malicious intentions to take a peek inside. It also prevents burglars from casually spying inside the house to assess their next target.

Blinds and shutters are ideal window treatments in bathrooms and bedrooms. When the slats are positioned at certain angles, they can let natural light in without compromising privacy. Moreover, they can be completely shut off for complete privacy.

To set the right mood.

The amount of natural light coming inside the house can affect the mood. With shutters and blinds, it is much easier to create the desired atmosphere inside the house.

Letting the sun in can generally uplifts one’s mood by increasing serotonin levels and helping boost productivity. It also helps ward off seasonal depression. In addition, getting enough Vitamin D aids in better sleep at night.

For a more relaxing atmosphere, homeowners can adjust the slats of their blinds and shutters. It is easier to have some downtime with blinds and shutters since they provide easy controls. Consequently, people who find it hard to sleep and relax with light can simply completely close their blinds.

To keep the heat out of the house.

There are rooms that people will want to protect from sunlight but still want some light to come in. For instance, prolonged and direct exposure to the sun can damage books, but a dank and dark home library is also not appealing.

Homeowners can ideally install blinds and shutters in their home libraries for easy control of the light coming in. When the sun shines directly on the window, simply adjust the slats so that some light still comes in but will not directly shine on the books. And on times when the sun does not hit the windows, the slats can be opened completely to let natural light inside.

What Are The Differences Between Blinds And Shutters

What are the differences between blinds and shutters?

While both window treatments provide ease in light control, they also have their differences. Therefore, when choosing which window treatment to install, it is necessary to know each first to make an informed decision.

One of the main differences between window blinds and shutters is how they are installed. Window blinds are installed inside or above the recess of the windows. Shutters, on the other hand, are built within the window frames.

Window blinds come in different styles and colours. They can easily be purchased in shopping centres and installed through DIY. In this sense, blinds are more versatile.

With shutters, there are fewer designs to choose from. Mostly, they are customised to fit into the windows where they will be installed. Still, they are durable and instantly add value to the property. As for the price, shutters tend to be more expensive than blinds.

The choice between the two will depend on the budget of the homeowner, the type of window that needs treatment, and the owner’s style preference.

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