Our Outdoor Awnings - Providing Affordable Shading Solutions for Homes in Sydney

Awnings are wonderful features for just about any home and have become increasingly popular amongst the residents of Sydney.

There are many types and styles of awnings available including stationary, retractable and motorised variations, which can be easily mounted onto the wall, above doors or the roof of your property.

Depending on your outdoor space, the design of your home, your budget and requirements, we will uncover the best type suited to you.

Our Awnings

Drop down awnings gives you complete control over UV, air flow as well as keeping the area warm in winter and cool in summer.

The Ziptrak system has specifically designed tracks on either side of the blind which enables the system to glide smoothly up and down. Ziptrak provides a complete seal which protects against the elements.

Vertical awnings are a flexible and stylish shading option that can be configured to suit a contemporary or classic outdoor settings.

Folding/fold arm awnings are a unique way to provide shade or extend your home’s outdoor living area without the need for posts, frames or beams. Folding arms can be mounted above doors, to fascias or roofs.

Some options can be fitted with a motor to open or close at the push of a button, while sensors can be incorporated to act automatically in accordance with varying weather conditions.

Protective half cassette and full cassettes enclosed units are also available to ensure your awning is protected from the elements. Discuss with our experts to see if half cassette or full cassette is best suited for your needs.

Ultimate Shading Solutions in Sydney

Whether it’s to create an entertaining are that you can use all in conditions, or shade for your garden or decking. All aspects of our awning systems can be customised to perfectly suit your outdoor living area.

With a range of options available in fabric, frame colours and styles we can provide you with just the best shading solution at an affordable price. From the popular folding/fold arm awnings and stylish verticals to robust drop downs. Speak to one of our friendly team members today to discuss the best shading solution for your home.

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