Indoor & Outdoor Blinds

If you’re looking for affordable and customisable window coverings for your property, window blinds are a great option. Choose from various styles including roller blinds, roman blinds, shangrila blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds and pleated blinds. Each comes in a massive range of colours, shades, tints, textures and fabrics to suit your unique décor tastes.

Enjoy privacy, light and temperature control and even get UV protection by choosing a blackout fabric. By providing an extra layer of insulation, blinds can help keep your home energy efficient. If you have kids in the home, opt for child safety features like retractable cords or cordless operations.

Style Tips for Choosing the Right Blinds

Make a centerpiece with your window blinds by choosing unique textures, patterns or a contrasting colour. If your walls are neutral, colourful blinds will add character and become a striking focal point. If your walls are dark, think about choosing lighter coloured blinds to brighten the atmosphere.

Roller blinds are great for kitchen, bathrooms and rooms prone to moisture. They usually come with a protective coating and can be easily cleaned. Roman blinds, shangrila blinds and venetian blinds are perfect for bedrooms giving exceptional light control. Pleated blinds and vertical blinds do well in rooms that want a balance between heat and light like dining areas and living rooms.

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