There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect blinds and shutters for your home, and many questions you may have about the process too. At Belle Blinds & Shutters we constantly strive to make the whole process as simple as possible, so here you should find answers to most of questions relating to our blinds and shutters, as well as the installation process as well as how to choose the right ones. If you can’t find your answer here, just get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help.

Which areas do you cover in Sydney for installation?

We are able to cover all of Sydney for installations and in home quotes and measurements plus all our products are available to order for delivery Australia wide. Just get in touch wherever you are to see how quickly we can be of service!

Do you do free quotes in home?

Yes. Give us a call to arrange a free in home no obligation quote and measurement where we can also discuss the best blinds and shutters for your home and budget.

Can I measure my own blinds?

You certainly can. Take a look here at our measuring guide which will enable you to take advantage of our factory direct prices on all our products so you cant them yourself. This can be a lot easier than you think allowing you save money on installation and get an accurate quote.

Do blinds or shutters fade?

Yes. All blinds, shutters and awnings will fade somewhat over time due to exposure to the Australian sun. Some products will have more protection than others so give us a call to discuss to find out more.

Can blinds or shutters save money on energy bills?

Yes. Many of our products have temperature related benefits, but nearly all shutters and blinds provide this benefit by default by keeping excess heat out in summer, and keep warmth in during the winter.

What types of blinds and shutters do you have?

We have a full and extensive range of all major product types, all at factory direct prices.

Blinds (Roller, Venetian, Shangrila, Roman, Pleated & Vertical), Plantation Shutters & Awnings and many more besides.

Do you do repairs?

No, unless they are products covered by Belle Blinds and Shutters manufacturers or our installations.

Do shutters provide complete blackout from sunlight?

No. In truth, nothing can as light will always find a way in without sealing a room completely. However, some shutters will provide more blackout than others and so can go a long way towards achieving this function. Give us a call to find out more.

Do I need to clean my shutters and blinds?

Regular light dusting with a microfibre cloth or duster will generally suffice. You can also use the brush attachment for vacuum cleaners to remove dust and dirt. For the corners you can use an old toothbrush where dirt is harder to remove. As ever, dry dusting regularly will negate the need for wet cleaning which requires more work. Avoid using water on wooden shutters as this can warp and or tarnish the wood.

What’s the difference between plantation shutters and colonial shutters?

Essentially nothing, both these terms are generally used to describe the same products. Historically there is a slight difference between the two with traditional and older colonial shutters having shorter and narrower louvres unlike the wider elliptical louvres of the plantation style. Nowadays you have the choice of both manufacturing techniques.

How long does it take to install blinds and shutters?

Normally our expert team can complete an install on an average size house in one working day. We will give a more accurate estimation after your order giving you plenty of notice.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Generally, our factory direct custom products will take 2 to 3 weeks to deliver Australia wide. If there is any change to this we will let you know.

Do all your products have a warranty or guarantee?

Yes, all our products are covered by a XX year warranty and all our installations are fully guaranteed and insured.
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