PVC vs Aluminum Blinds – all you need to know

Blinds are a stylish and practical way to adorn the windows in your home. Blinds offer a variety of benefits that make them a desirable addition to the home including heat insulation, light control, glare reduction and UV protection. Blinds come in variety of pricing ranges, are adaptable, and are simple to install.

Although blinds are often less expensive than other window treatment choices, hardwood blinds and fabric blinds are slightly more expensive. On the other hand, blinds made of aluminum and PVC are significantly more affordable. These alternative material options are available for those looking for a more affordable option. The functionality and value that aluminum and PVC blinds offer are unaffected by their decreased price.

Decide What You Want First

Decide what you want first

Blinds, shutters and shades for windows are frequently misunderstood and an important step in determining the right window covering for your space is actually making an assessment of what you want vs what is going to work best for the space.

Window coverings overall are fairly flexible. Anyone’s preference can be accommodated for and fulfilled by the wide variety of blind and shutter designs, materials, and colours. Any room with windows can also be improved. Depending on the type of vibe you are going for, blinds can give off a very classy or a very casual vibe. If you want to highlight the colour of the walls of the design of the furnishings, this can be accommodated. Additionally, it could be fun to emphasize the blinds themselves.

PVC vs Aluminum Blinds

Even though both of these blinds offer excellent value, people frequently struggle to decide which one to use. They are a good choice for window coverings due to a number of factors, not just price. Both PVC and aluminum blinds’ specific features are what sets them apart and makes them excellent choices for your home. You must be informed of the distinctive qualities of both of them in order to determine which one is best for you. Let’s examine advantages of both PVC and aluminum blinds in more detail.

Advantages Of Pvc Blinds

Advantages of PVC Blinds

Simple to maintain

Unlike fabric blinds, PVC blinds are very simple to maintain because dirt and dust cannot penetrate the surface of the blinds. The only thing you need to do maintain the blinds’ great appearance is to regularly dust them using a microfibre cloth.

Excellent heat Insulation

PVC blinds manage to give excellent heat insulation despite being less expensive. Additionally, these blinds offer good light-controlling abilities to minimise any glare that may exit inside the space.

Strong and long-lasting

PVC blinds are renowned for their strength and longevity. Many people who want to acquire the structured and rough look reminiscent of real wood blinds but want to keep the cost low prefer faux wood blinds produced from PVC material that look just like wooden blinds.

Design variation

PVC can be easily molded into a wide range of forms and patterns. Hence, PVC blinds may always be made in eye-catching patterns. PVC blinds can be customised into a great variety of styles and patterns, from faux wood blinds to PVC Venetian blinds.

Advantages Of Aluminum Blinds

Advantages of Aluminum Blinds


If you buy aluminum blinds constructed from the best-quality aluminum, they can last a very long time. Additionally, their longevity enhances their value-performance because you won’t have to worry about purchasing new window coverings for a very long time.

Effective heat and light control

Due to its superior capacity to reflect back the warm solar rays, aluminum blinds efficiently block off the outside heat. This is the reason behind the wider many people chooses aluminum sun blinds. Due to the aluminum’s opacity, these blinds also provide excellent light control. Wider blind slats give you more control over how much light you want to let into your home.


Using aluminum shades will make it easy to maintain your privacy. You only need to pull the blinds all the way down to ensure complete privacy when you need it. Simply moving the blind slats will allow you to enjoy the natural light and the view outside if you change your mind.


Moisture has no effect on aluminum. They are therefore an ideal choice for the kitchen and bathroom, two rooms in the house that are frequently exposed to moisture.

Colour choices

Aluminium offers a large choice of colours to choose from. You can also repaint them in the colour of your choice if you don’t achieve the exact shade you want or if you decide to change décor.

PVC vs Aluminum Blinds: which one is right for me?

This question doesn’t have a simple solution. Furthermore, putting one window treatment option above the others would be a blatant disregard for the distinct advantages that each of these window treatment choices has to offer. Both PVC and aluminum blinds will last you a very long time if durability is a concern. Aluminum blinds, on the other hand, are a little more durable than PVC blinds because they are metal.

Aluminum blinds do create some noise when they open and close or when a strong breeze blows across the window, so if noise is an issue for you, you might be better off using PVC. On the contrary, PVC blinds don’t have these problems. Both of them are good at controlling heat and light. If PVC blind have a wider selection of designs and patterns, they make up for the fact that aluminum blinds have more color options.

It follows that there aren’t many capabilities or qualities that set aluminum and PVC blinds apart from each other. They have an advantage in certain use case situations due to a few unique differences. Both solutions are good and value-oriented, the final decision will mostly depend on your specific preferences and requirements.

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