What are the best blinds for bathrooms?

Great ideas for bathroom blinds.

There is something beautiful and comforting about open and airy houses. The natural light brings in a healthy and warm glow, making the interiors look more inviting. The cool breeze coming in makes the home cooler on hot summer days.

When it comes to window treatments, many homeowners want flexibility. For example, they want to be able to close their windows up for privacy or open them all the way to let light and air inside.

What makes window blinds a favourite among homeowners is that they are versatile. They can be used in any room of the house. However, certain types of blinds are more appropriate in certain rooms. In the bedroom, for instance, many would prefer blinds that can totally block light from coming inside.

How about for bathrooms? Which blinds are ideal to use in bathrooms and which are not?

Things To Consider When Choosing Blinds For Bathrooms

Things to consider when choosing blinds for bathrooms

The bathroom requires privacy – lots of it. However, bathroom windows are also necessary for having a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere. With the right types of window covering, homeowners can take control of their privacy while still letting in some natural light inside.

However, privacy is not the only thing one should consider when looking for the right bathroom window covering. Choosing the type of blinds can be challenging, and here’s why:

  • Moisture

Choose window blinds that are moisture resistant. Some types of blinds will be prone to moulds and mildew when used in the bathroom and therefore should be avoided.

  • Light Filtering

Natural light can make the bathroom feel bigger. It can also help boost the mood, especially in the morning when preparing to start a busy day.

  • Privacy

Of course, the bathroom is a private sanctuary and should be maintained so. The user will feel safer knowing that no one can see from the outside.

  • Style

Ideally, window blinds should match the theme of the bathroom; else, they will look out of place. The right style can make the bathroom design look cohesive and tastefully done.

Window blinds for bathrooms

Not all window blinds are created for use in the bathroom. Some will give homemakers more trouble than they are worth. All the factors above considered, here are the window blinds that will make the best bathroom window treatment.

Faux Wood Blinds

For homeowners who want to achieve an earthy and natural appeal in their bathrooms, faux wood blinds will make the best addition. However, real wood blinds are discouraged in the bathroom for obvious reasons. The high amount of moisture, humidity, and heat make wooden blinds a poor choice for the bathroom window.

However, those who want to achieve the looks and appeal of real wood may use faux wood blinds instead. Faux wood blinds will not get damaged due to the moisture and humidity in the bathroom. They also do not easily grow moulds and mildew.

Vinyl Shutters

Like faux wood blinds, vinyl blinds are resistant to damage due to moisture and humidity. It also allows homeowners to control their privacy and how much natural light they want to let in. The lower half of the blinds can be closed completely, while the upper half can be opened to let in light. Vinyl shutters provide homes with beauty and functionality. They also blend well with different styles and themes.

PVC Roller Blinds

PVC roller blinds are available in various colours, textures, and designs and are one of the most practical choices for the bathroom. These blinds are resistant to moisture and are easy to clean. Homeowners can choose from different styles with unique patterns to give their bathrooms an exciting splash of colour.

Cordless roller blinds are also available for homes with small children and pets.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are known to provide excellent privacy and cover, making them perfect for bathrooms. They can also provide sufficient light to the bathroom at the same time. In addition, honeycomb blinds can withstand the high humidity levels and heat in a bathroom, allowing them to last for a long time.

Aluminium Mini Blinds

These durable blinds will not get warped due to the abundant moisture in the bathroom. They are also usually used in kitchens where moisture and heat are both almost always present.

Aluminium blinds come in a wide range of colours and designs so that homeowners will have many choices for their bathroom style. Moreover, they are inexpensive and durable, giving families their money’s worth.

Motorised Shades

For bathrooms with hard-to-reach windows, manual blinds may be challenging to operate. Motorised shades provide full control even if the bathroom window is beyond reach. They also tend to be less prone to wear and tear, which can make them last for a longer time.

What Blinds To Refrain From Using In The Bathroom

What blinds to refrain from using in the bathroom

It is also worth knowing which blinds to avoid when it comes to the bathroom. Some blinds are simply inappropriate for a bathroom, because they either provide poor privacy or get easily damaged by heat and moisture.

Wood shutters and blinds are also discouraged in the bathroom. Wood is not moisture resistant. Wood blinds will develop moulds, rotting, and warps in humid places. They are also difficult to clean.

Shades made of fabric must also be avoided in the bathroom. Moulds can grow in fabric. There must be sufficient ventilation in the bathroom if one chooses to use fabric window treatments in there.

Another blind that should not be used in the bathroom is solar blinds. While they are great during the daytime, they become transparent at night-time.

Contact Belle Blinds And Shutters For High Quality Window Treatments.

Contact Belle Blinds and Shutters for high-quality window treatments.

Getting the right window treatment for your house is more than just getting one that fits the interiors of your home. The right window treatment provides sufficient privacy and natural light and will not give you problems maintaining it. Call us for your window treatment requirements, and we will help you find the best one that suits your lifestyle and budget.

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