Shutter Specifications

The shutters are made from the following materials: Western Red Cedar (W.R.C), Basswood.

Western Red Cedar comes in shades from Light Medium, Medium Dark. WRC is treated with a U. V. stabilised single-pack lacquer. However, it is for interior use only, Cedar is a lightweight stable wood which possesses a true straight grain and relaetively consistent density make cedar less likely to sweel, warp and twist than other soft and hard woods.

Basswood experience the benefit of having the highest quality wood shutter, made from 100% furniture grade Basswood in your home. Basswood is the most durable weight hardwood available. Due to its incredible low resin content, Basswood is a stable timber suitable for use in shutters.

(Delivery time 6-8 weeks)

Top Rail
Basswood: 132.5 x 19
Cedar: 90--122 x 21.5
Mid rail: 78x19
Bottom Rail
Basswood: 132.5 x 19
Cedar: 90--122 x 21.5
Stile 50 x 24
50 x 28 (Extra Cost)
Elliptical blade
Basswood:63 x 11
Basswood: 89 x 11
Basswood: 114 x 11
Cedar: 89 x 14
Flat Blade: 89 x 8
Face frame 90 blade
60 x 41
L frame 90 blade
46 x 38
Z small frame 90 blade
58 x 36
T post: 57 x 33
Hang strip: 30 x 30
Light block: 15 x 8

Cedar and Basswood Shutter Structure

Mortise and tenon joint

Frame mounting options

Standard or concealed rotation bar

180 degree rotation

Hinged , Bi-fold and sliding.

Nylon pin

Tension screws
Rebate Stiles for two panels meet together:
Maximum panel width: 950mm. Please call and ask if more than 950 mm
Maximum panel Height: 3000mm Mid rail requirement:
  • 0000 - 1800mm - No mid rail
  • 1801 - 2500mm - one mid rail
  • 2501 - 3000mm - two mid rail

You can specify the mid rail hight. It will be adjusted either up or down due to the blade size and the actual panel height.

Split Control: split controll into half is standard if panel height is over 900mm with no middle rail required.

Basswood Colours: Super White, Eggshell, Pearl, Cherry, Oak,Golden Oak, Walnut
Cedar Colours: White Chalk, Light-Medium, Medium-Dark
Hanger Colours: Match, White, Eggshell, Bisque, Brass

Colours Match Available With additional charge.
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