What is the Best Way to Choose Window Shutters?

How to Choose the Right Shutters for Your Home in 5 Simple Steps?

Plantation shutters offer a timeless, elegant style and do a great job at shading and sound proofing. They are extremely durable and versatile, being ideal for inside and outside windows and sliding doors. But, with so many options to choose from, how do you choose the right ones for your home? Colour, design, size, slat type, slat size and the opening method need to be considered. Check the quick guide below, to help you purchase the perfect shutters for your home.

Interior or Exterior Shutters

Indoor shutters give you easy control over light, heat and noise. They decorate and beautify your window spaces. Exterior shutters provide a layer of security and improve the curb appeal of your home. Both have advantages and you need to decide on the main goals you have for your shutters.

Size up the Space for Your Shutters

Measure up your window frames, to ensure the shutters fit securely. Certain shutters fit different sizes and shapes of windows better. Plantation shutters can be custom made to fit your exact window type. Talk with Belle Blinds and Shutters for a free measure up in Sydney.

Choose the Right Material

Purchase plantation shutters in aluminium, basswood or PVC. Aluminium shutters offer increased security and a stylish look which is low maintenance and can be chosen in a range of painted finishes and styles.

Basswood offers similar benefits and is the most durable and lightest hardwood available for shutters. PVC shutters are ideal for areas prone to moisture or open to extreme UV rays. PVC does not get affected by the light and will not crack or warp.

Size and Tilting of the Slats

When ordering your Sydney plantation shutters decide on the size and tilt of the slat you’d prefer. How much light do you want to come into your home? Smaller slats tend to sit tighter together when shut and block light better. Larger slats let more natural light into a room, creating an airy feel.

Decide on the Colour Scheme

Choosing the colour of your shutters is the final step. Have you got a colour scheme through the rest of your house? If you answered yes, choose a shutter colour that ties in with a main accent colour. To make your shutters a focal point, opt for a bolder tone. And if you can’t decide, white or a natural stained wood goes with any home décor style.


Follow this guide to choose the perfect shutters for your home in five simple steps. Contact Belle Blinds and Shutters for more information

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