Top Tips to Maintain Your Wooden Shutters at Home

Window shutters are a popular choice for many homeowners and for good reason. They offer a stunning, natural style, assist in lowering energy bills, block light and help maintain a level of privacy.While wooden shutters are durable, they need a certain amount of maintenance to keep them at their best. If dirt and grime is left to build up, they can lose their appeal and start to look grotty. Follow this simple guide to maintain your shutters at home.

Dust Every Month

It’s amazing how much dirt and dust can build up in a home. And a large chuck of this will settle on your wooden shutters. Aim to dust or vacuum your timber plantation shutters monthly. If left, dust particles can build up, affecting the surface of your shutters. Use a microfibre cloth or a soft brush attachment if you vacuum, to avoid scratching the wood.

Keep Windows Moisture Free

Moisture is the enemy of wood and if left, can end up warping your blinds. If your windows are susceptible to moisture build-up, open the windows regularly and use a humidifier if needed. Wipe away any moisture and mold from window frames with a light disinfectant solution. Finish by drying with a soft cloth.

Tackle Stains Immediately

If your plantation shutters are in the kitchen, they may frequently get splattered with food and grease. Scrape away as much of the stain as you can with a paper towel. Use a small amount of wood cleaner to remove any stubborn dirt and to polish the wood up afterwards.

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