The Psychology of Colours in Blinds: Creating the Desired Ambience

Tips for choosing the right colours.

Colours have an emotional effect on the way people feel, behave, and react. When it comes to interior design, the same is true. For example, the colours of a room can affect a person’s mood, feelings, and behaviour. So, when installing or changing blinds, remember that colours can do wonders in a room.

How Do Colours Affect a Room’s Ambience?

Colours can have a powerful effect when a person enters a room. Certain shades can inspire joy, trigger sadness, evoke warmth and comfort, or create a soothing and relaxing feeling. 

Generally, light colours can make a room look and feel bright. Incorporating white, pastel, and cream shades can create a refreshing atmosphere in a room. Meanwhile, earthy and neutral shades like brown, tan, and taupe make rooms feel cosy and comforting.

To create a happy and energising mood, use bright and warm colours. Think reds, oranges, and yellows for wall decors and accessories. Normally, these colours are perfect in communal spaces like kitchens and entryways.

Darker colours, on the other hand, evoke intimate feelings in occupants. Black has a dramatic effect and adds elegance and sophistication when used as an accent colour. Purple also creates a mysterious atmosphere in a room.

On the other hand, shades of blue and green are known for their relaxing effects. They are great colours in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other personal spaces.

How To Apply Colours In Blinds To Create A Desired Ambience In A Room

How to apply colours in blinds to create a desired ambience in a room

It is not always possible to re-paint a room. Re-painting takes time, effort, and money. So, use décors and accessories like window blinds to transform a room and create the atmosphere that you want without much difficulty.

As mentioned above, choosing the right colours for window blinds can completely transform the look of any interior. The right shades of blinds can make visitors and guests feel welcomed or inspire creativity. These days, there are different styles, colours, and materials of blinds to choose from.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect ambience for any room in the house:

Choose light and cool colours in common areas to create a light and cheerful interior.

Surprisingly, whites and greys are still a pretty popular colour choice when it comes to blinds. Common areas in the house should look spacious and bright. Use colours like cream, white, and pastels for the blinds and window shutters to create a light and airy ambience in the kitchen, living area, and dining room.

Go for simple and clean fabrics to create a clean look. 

Minimalism is here to stay. This also applies to blinds. Too many colours can be confusing and may appear overcrowded sometimes. If the space is already small and cluttered, avoid choosing multi-coloured or many-patterned roller window blinds. Often, less is more. Select a simple palette that matches the colour of the room. For instance, choose one primary colour for the window blinds, then add two additional shades to complement the primary colour.

Consider the room space when choosing colours for the blinds. 

As mentioned above, light colours can create a spacious and airy ambience. Light shades are great for small spaces. Also, light-coloured blinds are generally recommended in living areas like the kitchen, living room, and dining room. These areas should always have plenty of light, meaning that whites, creams, and other related hues are the perfect colours for window coverings. 

Bedrooms do not require much light since people will be spending most of their in the bedroom sleeping. Thus, bedroom blinds should be able to block out the light, so darker shades are the best. 

To add some excitement, choose bold colours. 

To make the room lively and exciting, adding red, yellow, or orange blinds can transform a simple room into a vibrant one. Warm colours generally evoke energy, passion, happiness, and optimism. They have the power to lift one’s mood and can rev up a person’s dampened spirit. Take note, however, to use up to three colour combinations only. Also, make sure that the shades used in the room will complement each other.

Choosing The Blinds For The Home

Choosing the Blinds for the Home.

Various styles and colours of blinds are available for those who want to change the look of their interior spaces. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • In choosing the appropriate style and colour of blinds, have a goal in mind. What kind of feeling should the particular space evoke? What kind of mood does the homeowner want for the room? What kind of atmosphere should a person feel Upon entering a particular room? 
  • For example, if the goal is to have a relaxing room, incorporate shades of blue or green since these colours are regarded as cool and soothing.
  • Consider the existing shades and accessories in place in choosing the window blinds. Of course, if the room is already painted yellow, make sure to select colours that will complement the overall theme of the room. 
  • For a bold approach, choose window blinds with colours that contrast the existing wall paint. An all-white room will look amazing with darker shades. 
  • To achieve uniformity, match the colours of the blinds with the wall colour. Blue walls and blue blinds can make the other room accessories and furniture stand out. 

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