How Plantation Shutters Can Keep a Home Warm or Cool

The benefits of plantation shutters last are round the year.

The weather in Sydney is generally pleasant and perfect for doing outdoor activities. However, summers and winters can still be uncomfortable. This is when plantation shutters can become helpful in keeping a home warm or cool.

In Summer 2020, Sydney reached 41°C, and dropped as cool as 6°C. This varies even greater outside of the city. Whatever the season may be, it’s essential that the home is comfortable inside.

Plantation Shutters Are Good Insulators

Plantation Shutters are Good Insulators

Insulation may not be the top-of-mind reason when it comes to choosing plantation shutters. However, it is good to note that they can provide insulation from direct sunlight because of the following reasons:

They help in temperature containment.

During the winter, closing the plantation shutters will keep the warm air inside the house. In the summer, keeping the shutters closed will help contain the cool air from the AC for a cooler airflow.

They regulate sunlight.

Homeowners can choose the amount of sunlight that enters their houses with the help of plantation shutters. This is because the shutters can block out the sun when it’s closed and regulate the amount of sunlight that comes in when it is open.

These shutters absorb heat.

Most plantation shutters are made of wood. Wood has low thermal conductivity compared to other materials like metal, which means it is better at keeping or absorbing heat.

Being made of wood, plantation shutters are good in being resistant to high temperatures. And this comes in handy for homeowners during hot summer days.

Want to get the most out of plantation shutters during the summer? Open them up at night to allow the cool night air to enter the house. Close them the following day just before the temperature rises. Is it too bright inside the house during summer? Plantation shutters can come in handy in this concern too. They can block out light and make the room cosier.

Do note that plantation shutters cannot block out light completely, unlike blackout curtains. So, pick the correct window covering depending on the room’s requirements. For example, a theatre room will need more light blockage than shutters can provide.

Plantation Shutters Keep the Cold Out

Plantation shutters prevent heat from escaping the house during the winter. They serve as an extra layer of protection and keep the warm air from seeping through the window panes.

The winter sun is still welcome inside the house, even if it has shutters. This is because one can choose how much light can come in by simply adjusting how wide or narrow to open them. A little bit of that midday winter sun can be good for anyone during the cold months.

Having plantation shutters can also help with the electricity bill. This is because with plantation shutters, there is no need to adjust the thermostat constantly. The plantation shutters can simply be opened to make the house warmer.

As mentioned earlier, plantation shutters are good insulators. This will be beneficial against cold winds that are coming from outside of the house.

Apart from protecting the house from cold temperatures during winter, plantation shutters are also good for providing privacy. Just close the shutters to cover the windows and prevent unwanted visitors from peeking in.

Other Benefits Of Plantation Shutters

Other Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Apart from keeping the house cold during the summer months or warm during winter months, there are also other benefits to having plantation shutters. From privacy to light regulation, read on down below to discover more benefits of having shutters.

More light control versus curtains.

With this kind of shutter, there is more control over the amount of light that comes inside the house. In addition, having more natural light inside the house means lower chances of using artificial lights. This is beneficial in the long run because the homeowner can save money from electric bills.

A timeless touch to the house.

Plantation shutters are always in style. They will complement any interior design or any period features.

They are available in different colour schemes so one can choose the right combination for their house. They also make the house’s interior and exterior look more pleasing.

Easy to maintain and clean.

Spick and span windows can be cumbersome, especially with the addition of coverings. But when it comes to plantation shutters, they’re relatively easy to clean.

Simply wipe down each slat with a damp cloth, and the cleaning is done! Do this regularly every week to maintain the cleanliness of the shutters.

Provides peace and quiet.

Plantation shutters block the noise from outside better than regular curtains. As a result, they act as a natural barrier to disturbing sounds resulting in more restful sleep.

Durable and long-lasting.

There are many options for the material, such as wood, PVC, or aluminium. Regardless of the chosen material, plantation shutters can provide protection and insulation to one’s house for a long time.

Adds value to the home.

Although selling a house may not be the first thought in a homeowner’s mind, adding plantation shutters can add value should one decide to do so. They are timeless and classic, making any house look more beautiful.

Installing Plantation Shutters To A House Consider Belle Blinds And Shutters

Installing plantation shutters to a house? Consider Belle Blinds and Shutters.

When it comes to installing plantation shutters for your house, Belle Blinds and Shutters is the preference of many home and business owners in Sydney. As Sydney’s premier blinds and shutters company, we have an extensive range of products to offer.

Our products are high-quality and affordable, ensuring that you have the best price for your desired material and style. No need to worry about measurements and installations as we provide them wherever you are in Sydney.

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