Small, inexpensive changes that make a big impact.

Blinds are a tried and tested way of elevating the look of a room. But apart from cosmetic benefits, blinds are also ideal for maintaining a good ambiance at home.

Studies have shown how one’s living environment has an impact on their mental health. What a better way to start the new year than with peace of mind and better mental health?

A major home improvement is not really necessary to usher in the new year with a well-maintained home. Instead, one can start small and check the state of their blinds and shutters first.

5 Signs It Is Time To Replace Blinds

5 signs it is time to replace blinds

Blinds can make or break the atmosphere of a room. But they are deprioritised when it comes to home upkeep and repairs.

Avoid further inconvenience and stress and consider getting new blinds for the new year. The signs below can help one decide whether it’s time to replace blinds.

1. The blinds or shutters are no longer working properly.

Blinds add style, give comfort, and provide the functionality to windows. If they cannot fulfil these tasks anymore, then consider replacing them with new ones.

Blinds that are snagging or cannot be closed or opened properly should be replaced immediately. Blinds also age, and this becomes apparent when there are signs of warping or bending.

Old blinds also show discolouration and fading. Consider quality custom blinds as replacements for broken and old blinds.

2. The blinds do not fit the house’s aesthetics.

Has the room been painted a new colour? Did you give your floor a makeover? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then consider also updating the blinds in the room.

There is a chance that the blinds may not go well with the updated wall colour or floor design. However, a good room should have a cohesive and put-together feel to it. Changing the blinds can help complete the overall look and tie everything together.

3. The house has undergone a significant change.

A room’s functionality in a house may change as time goes by. For example, the pandemic has massively affected the working arrangements of employees. With the introduction of hybrid and remote work setups, one can consider updating a spare room into an office.

Another situation is when a family is expecting a baby in the next months. Transforming one of the guest rooms into a nursery may be necessary.

Whatever the change, the blinds should also align with the room’s new functionality. For example, a home office needs blinds that can help minimise glare. On the other hand, a nursery should be child-proof, so cordless blinds and shades should be considered.

4. The blinds have become an inconvenience.

If there is too much effort in maintaining and using the blinds, consider replacing them. Too much effort can be different from person to person. An example could be getting a stool just to reach the blinds.

Another inconvenience is when one needs to manoeuvre awkwardly in between furniture to use the blinds. Blinds with cords that fall in the kitchen sink should also be replaced.

5. The blinds have been installed for a long time.

Do not wait until the blinds have stopped working and become inconvenient. If the homeowner cannot remember the last time they replaced their blinds, then it is time for an upgrade.

Blinds have become more functional and beautiful through the years. Explore new and innovative options and consider custom-made ones for the home.

2023 has a lot in store for blinds, so check the available trends and ideas for new ones.

New Blinds Trends For 2023

New blinds trends for 2023

Welcome the new year with a blinds upgrade and check new trends and ideas for inspiration.

1. Versatile blinds

A multi-functional blind will never go out of style. One example of this are vertical blinds that have stood the test of time. They are easy to operate and can instantly go from dark to sunlit with just a twist of a wand the room.

Vertical blinds have been a favourite among commercial spaces because it is low maintenance and can go with any office design.

Roller blinds are another type of versatile blinds. It is easy to maintain, affordable and looks sleek. In terms of design, pastel colours for a minimalist look are a good choice. Earth tones are also a safe choice to match any furniture in the room.

2. The timeless plantation shutters

Australia has severe weather conditions, making plantation shutters the perfect option for any household. Plantation shutters can keep the cold air out of the room during the winter season. When the temperature rises during summer, plantation shutters help protect furniture and appliances from the sun’s heat.

Plantation shutters are commonly made from PVC or aluminium. However, basswood shutters can also be interesting for the house. It is made of durable and lightweight hardwood. It remains functional but can still feel organic inside a room.

3. Less noticeable hardware

Blind hardware is becoming more streamlined and minimal. This means that bits and pieces that are sometimes an eyesore can now fade into the background. Sometimes, all it takes is installing the blinds a certain way to create height. This adds an air of elegance to the room if done correctly.

4. Indoor-outdoor style

Contemporary homes put emphasis on the effect of light in a room – how it can transform the space with just the right amount of light. This style is interesting for those who want a seamless transition from their indoor and outdoor areas.

Think of blinds with sheer fabric that are perfect for patio doors. Just make sure to choose clean and simple lines so the design can last a long time.

Choose Belle Blinds & Shutters For Your New Year Blinds!

Choose Belle Blinds & Shutters for your New Year blinds!

Belle Blinds & Shutters aims to provide high quality and beautiful blinds to families in Sydney. We have all the possible options for you, from timeless plantation shutters to easy-to-use venetian blinds.

There is no need to drain your budget to get customised blinds for your home. Start the new year right by calling us on 1300 800 118 to get a free quote.

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