How to Measure for the Perfect Fit of Blinds and Shutters

Tips on how to properly measure your windows.

Would you like a perfect fit for your blinds and shutters? It all starts with the correct measurement. Like a well-tailored suit that fits like a glove, getting an accurate measure provides easy and hassle-free installation of blinds and shutters. The ill-fitted blinds and shutters compromise function, elegance, and style. It loses aesthetic value and draws the eyes toward the state of imperfection.

The creative design team of Belle Blinds and Shutters prepared guidelines for measuring the perfect fit of blinds and shutters. Read on to get that perfect fit! You will learn how easy it is to measure up!

Tips For Measuring Up Like A Pro For A Perfect Fit Of Blinds And Shutters5 Tips for measuring up like a pro

Window sizes vary. Before placing your order, be ready with a metal tape measure, pen, paper, and a sturdy step ladder. Ensure the correct measurement with these tips:

1. Always measure in millimetres (mm).

A millimetre is the smallest increment in a metric ruler. It measures small objects. The measurement is so small that there are no labels on the ruler. Instead, small lines in between centimetres are the indicators of mm.

Why do shutter blind specialists require measurements in millimetres? The advantage of using millimetres is its precise measurement. The installers may add an increment or two as they see fit without jeopardising the size of the window treatment.

2. Double-check all measurements before placing an order.

The customised blinds or shutters are from measurements made by the client. It is prudent to double-check all measurements for an efficient installation process and to avoid unruly arguments and extra costs. Call a professional installer for help if you do not know how to measure.

3. Only give the exact measurement the installer asks for.

There is no need to account for window sills and frames. The installer makes standard deductions for these structures.

How accurate do blind measurements need to be? The experts advise measurements must be to the nearest eight inches because they will measure blind in this precision. Be careful about width and drop, though. Always write the width or drop next to the measurements to avoid interchanging by accident. Also, it is prudent to record measurements by listing the width (side by side) first, followed by height (top to bottom).

4. Measure each window using a steel tape measure.

No two windows are alike. A home with same-size windows looks unappealing. Always measure each window separately because each size may vary even if they look the same.

5. Remove all obstructions.

There may be plants and knick-knacks sitting on the windowsill. Measure up like you would on a blank canvas. Remove these obstructions as they may cause deviations.

How To Measure For Shutter Blinds For A Perfect Fit Of Blinds And ShuttersHow to measure for shutter blinds

Before you measure shutter blinds, know where and how the shutter frame would fit. There is a difference between shutter blinds sitting inside the window recess and outside the window frame.

Recess fit shutters

A recess-fit shutter sits inside the window frame recess. It looks pretty in small rooms as it recedes into the window frame. To get the perfect fit:

  • Measure the depth of the window recess. 70mm or more of the window recess allows the panels to operate unhindered.
  • Measure the width from left to right in three sections-top, mid and bottom. The millimetres may vary. Jot down the smallest measurement.
  • Measure the height or drop of the recess from top to bottom in three sections–left, middle, and right. Like the width measurement, jot down the smallest millimetre.
  • Consider the variance between the three sections in width and drop measurements. A difference of 10mm or more signifies an uneven-sized window. It is best to enlist the help of a professional installer before confirming the order.

Face fit shutters

A face-fit shutter is ideal for middle to big-sized rooms. Mounting it outside of the window frame will not make the room smaller. To get the perfect fit:

  • Measure the width outside the window frame across three sections – top, middle, and bottom. Jot down the biggest millimetre.
  • Measure the height or drop outside the window frame from top to bottom in three sections-left, middle, and right. Identify the point on top of the window frame where the shutter would mount and the end-point. Again, jot down the biggest millimetre.


A mid-rail is ideal for windows with a height of 1800mm tall or higher. A shutter with a mid-rail controls the light that enters the room by opening half of the shutters. To get a perfect fit, measure from the bottom of the window to the middle part where the mid-rail will sit.

How To Measure For Blinds For A Perfect Fit Of Blinds And ShuttersHow to measure for blinds

Inside-mounted blinds

Some people want their blinds to fit snugly into the window recess. It makes a small room look spacious. To get the perfect fit:

  • Measure the width from left to right across three sections–top, middle, and bottom. Get the smallest measurement in millimetres.
  • Measure the height of the window recess from top to bottom in three sections-left, middle, and right. Get the smallest millimetre.
  • How to measure for blinds outside mount

Outside-mounted blinds

Outside-mounted blind is ideal for windows with narrow or no recess depth. Measure the width and height where you would like the blinds to cover.

  • The width-the general rule is to allow an extension of 5cm on both sides of the wall frame.
  • The height–measure from the top of the window frame to where you would want the blinds to end.

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Do-it-yourself measurements of blinds and shutters get things done, but are you getting the correct measure? The best way to get a perfect fit for your blinds and shutters is to work with a professional installer from Belle Blinds and Shutters.

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