How to Decorate a Home with Plantation Shutters

Designing your room with high quality plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters are classy and stylish and can stand alone as a beautiful design element of a room. They can be the focal point of a room, or they can blend with its interior design. Decorating with plantation shutters can add value to any home, and you’ll be glad to know that there are various ways to do it.

Tips On Decorating A Room Using Plantation Shutters

Tips on decorating a room using plantation shutters

Decorating a room with plantation shutters can be fun and exciting. Here are some pointers to consider that can help you achieve optimal results.

1. Light-coloured shutters can brighten a room.

Colour plays a special part in the overall vibe of a room. For example, white or cream can make a room look brighter. That’s especially true for plantation shutters in these shades.

The soft colour of white and cream, combined with the sunlight from the shutters, will create a pretty light feel. Those living near the water might enjoy the lightness that comes from white plantation shutters. White also pairs well with wall colours such as blue and grey and beach-themed rooms.

White plantation shutters are just timeless whether or not you have a beach house. This colour works with almost any home theme or décor and can look either classic or modern. White or cream plantation shutters are versatile and can make any home look beautiful.

2. Hardwood shutters are naturally charming.

If you aren’t a fan of white, no worries. Stained hardwood plantation shutters look exquisite next to warm paint colours. They also look great alongside other rustic wooden furniture items. The light that goes through richly stained shutters will give a room a cosy atmosphere with a bit of flair and drama. Stained hardwood plantation shutters are naturally beautiful and can enhance a room’s appearance.

3. Plantation shutters and curtains can be a perfect match.

Curtains are ideal if you want to add layers to your home – and they can work well with plantation shutters.

There are several ways to pair plantation shutters with curtains. A pair in complementary colours will give a more formal look to any room; whereas, mixing and matching different patterns and colours will have a more casual effect. There are quite a few ways to pair plantation shutters with curtains, but what’s important is to have fun and experiment to achieve the best combination.

4. What type of curtains best match plantation shutters?

Various types of curtains can be paired with plantation shutters. Patterned or solid-coloured curtains in a light fabric can add colour and softness to a room. However, they should not detract from the main focal point: the shutters. Curtains with a darker colour and heavier weight can add a touch of mystery to the room.

5. Do panel curtains complement plantation shutters?

Panel curtains are another excellent pair-up for plantation shutters. The best place for panel curtains is beside the windows. This is so they do not interfere with the opening and closing of plantation shutters. Do not forget to install tiebacks for the curtains so they can be moved completely out of the way of the shutters when the curtains are not being used.

6. Plantation shutters add curb appeal to your home.

Without a doubt, plantation shutters make the interior and exterior of any home beautiful. So, have them installed on all the windows that are visible from the street. This will add to your residential property’s curb appeal of and create a uniform look from the outside.

7. Choose the plantation shutter material wisely.

While the main purpose of installing plantation shutters is to make the home more beautiful, it is crucial to choose the type of material to be used. Plantation shutters that are made of wood will offer a timeless look. In addition, they can be painted or used in their natural form, depending on the home’s interior design.

However, wood plantation shutters should not be used in places where humidity is high most of the time. This is because wood can absorb moisture, which will warp and damage the wood over time. Fortunately, plantation shutters are also available in moisture-resistant materials that will hold up well for years to come.

8. Use plantation shutters as the design foundation.

Installing plantation shutters does not mean that other art and furniture pieces are out. Plantation shutters can be used as the foundation of a design so that everything that is added comes together in one harmonious design.

Use the type, colour and location of the shutters to figure out where to place art pieces, framed photographs, throw pillows, shelves or furniture. With a little imagination and endless possibilities, achieving a stunning yet cohesive interior design is much easier.

9. Use plantation shutters on doors.

Plantation shutters are so versatile that they can also be used on doors. For example, they can help make French doors look even more elegant. Sliding glass doors can also benefit from having plantation shutters because they will make them provide privacy to homeowners while catching the attention of those who are passing by.

10. Install plantation shutters on all windows of a room.

Some people install plantation shutters on one window of a room to make them the focal point. While there is nothing wrong with this, having shutters on all windows in a room will make the design flow seamlessly. The room will feel completer and more cohesive.

For Shutters And Blinds In Sydney, Choose Belle.

For shutters and blinds in Sydney, choose Belle.

Plantation shutters will add value to any room, but they are especially suited to living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. They are also a smart choice for households with pets. Even when tilted to let the sunlight in, plantation shutters will still prevent dogs from seeing unfamiliar people and barking incessantly.

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