Benefits of Plantation Shutters

What gives plantation shutters the edge over other types of window coverings

When considering window furnishings for your home or workspace, it’s hard to beat the practical advantages and versatility of plantation shutters. More than just looking great with their combination of traditional and modern styling, plantation shutters offer positive transformation in your home without completely breaking the bank.

Light Control

Light control

From complete blockage to full illumination and all points of filtration in between, plantation shutters allow you to set the lighting mood of your room with a simple movement. By simply adjusting the angle of the louvres, you are able to control the amount of light that enters the room.  Furthermore, you can limit the impact of direct UV light on furniture and fixtures, extending their lives and saving you money on costly repairs or upgrades.

Energy efficiency

Indoor plantation shutters are directly installed into the frame of existing windows. This can help create an extra barrier to help prevent the escape of warm air in winter or cool air in summer. By regulating the amount of direct sunlight available, you can not only save on costly climate control measures like gas heating or air conditioning but take advantage of the sun’s natural warmth or direct heat. This improves your home’s overall energy efficiency as you are not using power draining appliances to warm and cool your home, rather using natural resources from the sun. Plantation shutters also allow you to have more control over the flow of natural light, which can lower your electricity bill simply through not using artificial light as much.

Sound insulation

Plantation shutters can add an extra layer of absorption, muffling your internal space from external sound. Traffic noise a problem? Want a sleep-in uninterrupted by the buzz of lawnmowers? Need silence to concentrate in your home office? Experience the best your home cinema setup has to offer?  A simple adjustment and you’ll have the peace and quiet you need.

Ease of maintenance

Curtains can be difficult and costly to maintain. From the hassle of unhooking and re-hanging, to the delicate and specialised cleaning methods required, it’s always a tricky and time-consuming job. Plantation shutters can be made in a variety of durable materials, ensuring a long operational lifespan. They can be cleaned as simply as using a brush head on your vacuum cleaner or simply using a moistened cloth to wipe over. The absence of control cords makes them far easier to clean and keep dust free than traditional venetian blinds. This can be a blessing for allergy sufferers, particular those suffering from an allergy to house dust mites.


Due to their solid, no gap construction style, plantation shutters can also provide an extra barrier to intruders trying to gain access through your windows. There is even the option to have a locking mechanism added to the louvre control. The added bonus here is that not only do you have the peace of mind afforded by the extra security, but plantation shutters are also much easier on the eye than external grilles, improving the overall look and value of your home.


Window furnishings will unavoidably be affected in some way from their prolonged exposure to sun and UV rays. Sometimes you might forget to close all your windows as a storm approaches, leading to water damage. Fabric-based solutions will deteriorate over a shorter space of time when these are taken into consideration. Cheap plastic-based venetians can become brittle and crack easily. Plantation shutters are constructed using a variety of solid, durable materials designed to give you the longest lifespan. Whether they are constructed using hard wearing woods such as basswood and cedar or popular, strong, and lightweight aluminium or even purposely produced PVC, they all offer maximum strength and durability as window coverings for your home or office.

Added Value To Your Property

Added value to your property

An investment in professionally designed and installed plantation shutters can reap any number of financial rewards for you. Their timeless, classic design never goes out of fashion and can be a strong selling point if you ever decide to test the market. Their durability lessens the risk of costly replacement or refurbishment in the future. Their energy efficient features can help limit your electricity bill. Overall, the addition of plantation shutters increases the potential resale value of your home due their many stunning benefits.

Choosing the right plantation shutters from Belle Blinds and Shutters

Making the decision to install plantation shutters in your home or office is a smart one. Their many benefits including durability, efficiency, security, and style make them a great addition to any structure. If you are looking for custom made plantation shutters, look no further than Belle Blinds and Shutters. With many materials, styles, and colours available, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to designing and installing your next window coverings. Get in touch with the experienced Belle team today on 1300 800 118 or reach out to us online.

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